Software development

Software development

500K hours of developmnet CRM and ERP, 5 giant industry systems, more 200 implementations!
We create functional and highly responsive apps that meet the needs of your ever changing enterprise and target for Desktop, Web and Mobile.

Professional software development using eXpressApp Framework Professional software development using eXpressApp Framework

Professional software development using eXpressApp Framework

eXpressApp Framework (XAF) from the company DevExpress is a set of .NET libraries connected to the developed program and implementing blocks of functionality inherent in modern high-quality software. standard program functions, Blocks such as: access rights, report designer, standard customizable graphical interface, Web interface support, saving objects to a database, workflow system are already implemented inside XAF, which saves considerable time on development.

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Devpark experience in XAF development

We have been using the eXpressApp Framework (XAF) from DevExpress since 2007. During this time, Devpark implemented in XAF industrial currently used systems. We know the nuances and subtleties of development, we are able to apply both typical XAF solutions and extend the functionality with our modules. Immeno thanks to the experience we can afford to work on a system of fixed cost of the project, which means the final assessment of the scope and cost of work before the start of the project, we can determine the budget of the project in advance and meet it. Learn more about using XAF in Devpark products.

13 years ERP development with XAF

We have developed our own products line using DevExpress XAF. Fast and modern web solutions based on eXpressApp.
ERP and CRM systems. We know how to develop an industrial applications.

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